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Diavel 1260 S

So Good To Be Bad

Diavel 1260 S
Rp. -
159 hp (117 kW)
129 Nm (13.1 kgm)
Born To Be The Hero

Powerful. Muscular, but also agile and effective between the curves for maximum riding enjoyment. The new Diavel 1260 combines the performance of a maxi-naked with the ergonomics of a muscle cruiser. Its design reinterprets the Diavel style with a contemporary look and perfectly integrates the 159 HP Testastretta DVT 1262 engine, the beating heart of this new Diavel 1260.

Standard Equipment

Riding Mode, ABS Cornering Evo Bosch, DTC Evo, DWC Evo, Öhlins suspension, DQS, Cruise control, DPL Evo, Hands-Free, Backlit handlebar switches, 3.5" TFT color display, Full LED lighting system, DRL, Self cancelling turn indicators, DMS.
  • Sandstone Grey
  • Total Black
WHEELBASE 1,600 mm (63.0 in)
SEAT HEIGHT 780 mm (30.7 in)
1,262 cc (77.0 cu in)
117 kW (159 hp) @ 9,500 rpm*
*116 kW (157 hp) @ 9,250 rpm for US/Canada/Mexico version i
129 Nm (95 lb-ft, 13.1 kgm) @ 7,500 rpm i
Dry Weight
218 kg (481 lb)
Seat Height
780 mm (30.7 in)
Safety Equipment
Ducati Safety Pack: Bosch Cornering ABS Evo, Ducati Traction Control Evo DTC. Riding Modes, Power Modes, Ducati Wheelie Control Evo (DWC).
Valve Clearance Check (DesmoService)
15,000 km (9,000 miles) / 12 months
Tech specs
Testastretta DVT 1262

The new Diavel 1260 is equipped with a twin cylinder, 1262 cm³, desmodromic Ducati Testastretta DVT with a new architecture, translating to a sportier delivery, and chain final drive.

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Ducati Quick Shift Evo (DQS)

The new Diavel 1260 S comes standard with Ducati Quick Shift up&down (DQS), the system that lets you shift gear without using the clutch, which translates into superior riding pleasure and comfort, especially in urban routes.

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Desmodromic Variable Timing (DVT)

Developed and fine-tuned by Ducati engineers, the DVT system optimizes performance and fluidity of delivery at all speed levels.

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Exhaust system

The new Diavel 1260 exhaust is a two-tailpipe, chambered 2-in-1 unit. The exhaust pipes were designed to display the engine and the central body was placed before the rear wheel in order to be barely visible.

Chassis and ergonomics

The riding position, the low-seat “power cruiser” ergonomics, the high handlebar, and the central footpegs, very dear to the hearts of first-hour Diavel enthusiasts, did not change. What did change was the chassis.

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The new Diavel 1260 features a fully adjustable, 50-mm diameter fork on the front.

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The Diavel 1260 frame is a steel tube trellis using the engine as the key focus of the entire chassis set-up.

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Tyres and rims

The Diavel 1260 fits fourteen-spoke rims, while the 10-spoke rims on the Diavel 1260 S feature an exclusive design and machine processed surface finishes.

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Bosch ABS Cornering Evo

The new Diavel 1260 is equipped with the Brembo braking system and ABS Bosch 9.1MP control unit, an integral part of the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) together with Traction Control.

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Ducati Traction Control (DTC) Evo

Ducati Traction Control (DTC) is a system derived from racing which basically operating as a filter between the rider’s right hand and the rear tire.

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Ducati Wheelie Control Evo (DWC)

Adjustable on eight levels, the system analyzes the position of the bike (wheelie) and consequently manages torque and power to guarantee maximum acceleration in safety without misalignments. Like the DTC, it has eight levels and has been incorporated in the Riding Modes.

Ducati Power Launch Evo (DPL)

The “Dragster” spirit of the Diavel 1260 is fully displayed thanks to the Ducati Power Launch Evo (DPL). This system ensures a very fast - and safe launch - thanks to the optimized management of the maximum available torque, with a DTC always active and a relentless control of the pitch angle as measured by IMU.

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Cruise Control and Hands-Free

In order to ensure the highest riding comfort during trips, the Diavel 1260 is equipped with a Cruise Control system, handled by backlit controls on the handlebar.

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TFT Display

The Diavel 1260 instrument panel consists of a TFT screen with a separate indicator panel, located respectively over and below the handlebar.

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Full LED lights

The Diavel 1260 headlight was carefully conceived and is the product of a very focused design process. Both the front and rear lights are full LED, designed to ensure maximum lighting performance.

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Ducati Link App

The Diavel 1260 is compatible with the new Ducati Link app, thanks to which it is possible to set the travel mode (combination of Load Mode and Riding Mode) and customize the parameters of each single Riding Mode (ABS, Ducati Traction Control, etc.) using your smartphone to personalize settings easily and intuitively.

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